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Hot Pink Conchas And More At Chula Eatery, La Quinta #100DaysofSummer

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

Ernestine Ulmer

Growing up in Los Angeles, I’ve never been a fan of Mexican sweet breads, but Chula Eatery in La Quinta has definitely opened my appetite to this sweet sensation.

I bought my first Chula “Concha” at a place called Cafe La Jeffa in Palm Springs. Yes, a bit pricey but I couldn’t resist the hot pink and matcha green colors of the concha rosettes. I also bought some for my staff.

We all agreed. These “conchas” were pretty amazing!

I decided to go to the source of where these conchas are made.

I took a 30 minute drive up the 10 freeway and headed to La Quinta.

Of course I ordered a pink concha rosette to start off with.

And a dulce de leche latte.

The green chilie biscuits with eggs benedict with micro greens were just yum.

I kept seeing the waitress passing out bowls of posole ( green Chile soup with hominy). I thought to myself, “maybe I should order some just to try it… it looks so good!”

And suddenly a bowl of pozole appeared right in front of me. I started laughing !

“I guess you got my psychic order!” I told the waitress.

She was a bit confused and bewildered. I explained that I didn’t order the pozole but really wanted it. And I apologized for focusing on it inadvertently with my mind as she passed by. She then told me the pozole was on the house.

And much like the conchas, I’m not a fan of pozole.

The pozole, much like the concha, made me a big fan. There was just so much tangy flavor I couldn’t stop eating it. In fact, I bought an extra bowl to go for a sick friend.

Chula eatery is a must next time you’re in the Coachella desert. The beautiful pastry and delicious eats are well worth the trip!


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