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Wednesday’s Are For Fancy Lunch …

All you need is LOVE ❤️but sometimes a

L U NC H break works too!

Ouf… we’re still all in quarantine! At least those of us who were apparently “essential “ then got knocked down to “non essential” whatever that means… ?

Oh well… at this point … I’m just laughing at all those lazy people that use to gawk at me saying “you do too much? Like how many jobs do you have?” Because thanks to my writing gigs and podcast advertisers … I can still afford a “ fancy” lunch on a Wednesday!

I love a good prosciutto di parma, some lox for my Townie ( Palm Springs, California) bagel and store bought dragon roll sushi from Jensen’s ( The Fancy Super Market In The Desert) .

Oh yeah, we got some Starbucks too and some pellegrino !

And of course I shared my lunch with a “Fancy” southern gentleman since he so graciously has offered his swanky pad as my co-work space!

A hat is always a must for a fancy So-Cal lunch on a Wednesday! You gotta keep the quarantine work life stylish !

Cheers… happy lunching! 😁

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