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Bastardized Burgers & Roasted Chicken: Reconnecting Through Food Post COVID19 Apocalypse

Food Is The Ingredient That Binds Us Together…

It feels like we’ve all been hibernating for the last 2 months or so … stuck in the COVID19 apocalypse.

Maybe it was a good thing.

A detox of sorts to re-evaluate your life. Forget about the bullshit. That stuff that drives your E-G-O!

And focus on FOOD & Friends…. and whatever else brings you pleasure…

This week … since it seems the “curve” no longer exists… ( or was it even real anyway?) I’ve been reconnecting with some of my BFF’s and enjoying their culinary creations…

No… there was no homemade bread, or whatever else was trending on IG Stories that everyone was making…

My friend Sue made some mouthwatering roasted chicken on her bar b que… paired nicely with red and white wines from her eclectic wine locker…

Sue really knows how to roast a chicken al fresco… juiciest I’ve ever had!!

Next…. it was “Bastardized” burgers at my friend Mike’s chateau in WEHO!

He’s old school and buys his beef from a boutique butcher on Melrose… so very LOs Angeles… but let me tell you … those butchers must have just killed this cow cuz the smell and color was to die for!

The “bastardized “ part happens in a meat grinder with garlic, onion, and some type of seasoning he bought in Arizona.

Mike made a Jose Cuervo cocktail with yellow beat juice and Kombucha… it was interesting….

It gets broiled then topped with Stilton cheese and Caramelized onions.

There was some corn and sweet potato which he mashed up into something he called “Pocahontas Pudding !”

There was “tartine “ toast from a local bakery.

And it all looked like this… and there are no words to describe how amazing this meal was!

Which paired nicely with “My Fucking Beer” Stout from a microbrewery in Ensenada. We sat and enjoyed this luscious meal in Mikes newly groomed “wildlife habitat!”

…. not to sound cliche but… the simple things really do matter most in life!

Selfies in Mike’s Kitchen

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