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Do You Really Want To Marry The “Nice Girl?”

Well behaved women rarely make history!

-Lauren Thatcher Ulrich

Dear Notoriouslysinglegirl…

I’m confused!

I’ve been watching a whole lotta YouTube lately cuz you know there’s not a whole lotta going on in the world !

And I’ve been addicted to these “dating advice” Youtubers predominantly men giving dating advice to women.

Majority of them claim that “Men” want to marry the “Nice Girl?”

Is this true…?


Sick of being nice!

Dear Sick of being nice…

Yup not so much going on these days in this apocalypse… and so sorry you are left with terrible dating advice from men who are looking to profit off of women with their misogynistic antiquated advice. I’m sure if you were to befriend one of these shysters you would find that they are probably cheating on their “nice wives!”

What is a “nice” wife anyway?

I don’t know any… the ones that pretend to be are abhorrent bitches… therefore I do not keep company with these women.

I call them “Projectiles!”

They see me living a fabulously single life and they start projecting their feces onto me!


Because I’m FREE to be myself and they are not!

These so called “nice women” have some crazy mind control program going on in their brain broadcasting that they should look a certain way, act a certain way, and god forbid only have sex in the missionary position one day a week which has been scheduled months in advance with reminders on their refrigerators!

Ouf! Just writing about it makes my vagina clench!

From my numerous dates with men who married the “nice girl” and got divorced, separated or are committing adultery … well those women turned out to be not so nice! translation: they became angry bitches like I mentioned above!

Let’s take a trip through time and look at the life of Emilie Du Chatelet 1706-1749.

Emilie was born in France a mathematician, physicist, author and par amour of one of the greatest minds in France …Voltaire!

At the age of 14 Emilie asked her father for some bucks to buy the latest math book so she could grow her brain. Alas… he had lost his job ! Instead of slacking it in her room making mixed tapes, She refused proper etiquette and took to the streets used her super power mathematical skills at gaming tables to win the bucks she needed to purchase the math book!

She husband hunted with a vengeance and married marquis Florent Claud du Chantellet. She tolerated his affairs and he turned a blind eye to her studies.

She wasn’t allowed in the coffee shops where the scientific crowd gathered to talk shop. She dressed in drag wearing britches and a frock coat all the while dripping in diamonds as she was also a high society lady!

Eventually she met Voltaire and their love affair began. They took up residence in a chateau which became a modern day think tank.

Emilie and Voltaire entertained some of the best minds from Paris, Basel, and Italy including many of her former lovers.

Emilie always dressed to the nines in fabulous gowns dripping in diamonds! I’m sure she wore the most amazing shoes! 👠

She and Voltaire would read poetry, put on plays, sing and play the pianoforte and have 4 am picnics in the dead of winter!

Yes she had children… even one with a lover who was not Voltaire… she died after the birth of this baby at the age of 42 and the child followed her to the other side.

Nope Emilie was not that kinda mom that bakes cookies and does laundry… she had people for that kinda shit!!

She was not nice…. but oh soooo interesting!!!

She was free to be herself and taught many women to do the same!

I’m sure Emilie and I would be great friends …

These YouTubeers who are men giving advice to desperado women preach that women shouldn’t sleep around… no man would marry her… and guys don’t marry that girl who won’t go home with you on the first date!

I’m happy to tell you this is utter and complete bullshit!!

I personally know couples who hooked up on a first date and have been married for what seems like an eternity!

These women are fabulous and not fake. They aren’t trying to be June Cleaver or their mothers… they are just being themselves! They have careers, children and don’t schedule sex on the fridge… and of course they are not perfect nor do they claim to be! Hell some of them even swear like a sailor! Some smoke cigarettes, and yell obscenities at passers bye who threaten the peace!

But these women are the most fascinating women !

Women are brain washed to be “good girls” and that no one likes a bar girl!

As I teach in my writing classes… the best characters have the most flaws!

As women … we should learn to embrace those flaws and lead marvelous lives like Emilie did! She really seized the day… and I’m sure died with a smile as she entered that other realm! She lived her life to the fullest with a marvelously open ❤️ with no regrets!

Live your life through your heart and not through your ego… thats where the true “nice” girl lives… ! If you want to sleep with a guy on the first date … that should be your decision and not some sleepy you tubers! Who knows that guy May never leave your dwelling and decide to stay for awhile!

Cheers… and happy dating!!

2 Responses to “Do You Really Want To Marry The “Nice Girl?””

  1. Man of mystery

    Agree. Never wanted a woman who wasn’t with me because it was what she wanted and thought to do things she didn’t want – day jobs excepted – we all are stuck with that shit. That said it’s odd that people view sex as important but value inexperience. The only way to get good at something is to do it


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