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You’re Mask Is Sexy… Pick Up Lines In The Time Of COVID19

“You’re Mask Is Sexy….”

Apparently that’s the new pick up line for 2020.

Love in the time of COVID19 is not easy. It hasn’t been for quite some time. People have been acting strange for a long time. They’ve been disconnected from them selves.

“What’s going on with everyone? Why do these people look so checked out?”

I remember asking my assistant this question. He thought I was nuts. But then he said “ Maybe it’s because they’ve got nothing to look forward to?”

And the world then comes to a screeching halt… just like that… (finger snap)

I have to wear a mask to work.

That is, if I can find one?

It only took 3 days to get the right mask …. I’m not on the “front lines” … whatever that means? If you consider COVID19 bioterrorism, the front lines in a battlefield would be the Emergency Room, ICU and whatever COVID19 makeshift hospital pop up happens.

Nonetheless, I’m still exposed to lots of pesky critters : bacteria, viruses, and nasty grandmothers on a daily basis!

I guess you can say I’m on the “sidelines” trying to keep these kids healthy enough and out of the Emergency Dept.

I work in pediatrics… I’m just seeing walk ins at a clinic…. mostly asthmatics who “forgot” to take their albuterol inhalers.

I love my job and always have. Now the world is realizing how important healthcare is and the people who work in this field are vital to our human existence.

But… celebrities have been taking center stage for awhile now. I really never understood why ? They don’t save anyone, yet they get to wear the best safety masks while the people who do save lives get whatever is left over?

Does this make any sense?

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