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What To Do When The Corona Virus Invades Your Birthday…? Just Eat Cake!

Qu’ ils mangent de la brioche

Let Them Eat Cake

-Marie Antoinette

….. I’ve been flooded with text messages about toilet shortages at Costco, recipes on how to make your own hand sanitizer, and urgent notices on not to buy masks on Amazon!

Though I’ll have to say the best text I got this week was not wishing me a Happy Birthday… but this:

It did make me chuckle when I read it. It also made me remember a quote from Don Miguel Ruiz from his 4 Agreements book:

Don’t Assume!

I live alone. I’ve been working at my home office for the past 3 weeks. No Corona Virus lurking here… not even a Corona beer!

Nonetheless, the only thing you can do in times like these is eat cake like M. Antoinette’s famous last words.

And if your gonna eat Cake on your birthday… it better be good dark chocolate chocolate double chocolate mocha layer cake from the Miracle Bakery in Burbank… just a stones throw from my pad.

If you’ve never been to the Miracle Bakery … it’s worth a trip… it’s the place that keeps me looking curvy! The coffee is super delish as well!

And special thanks to these guys for taking me out to “Linard“ ( Lunch+Dinner) … they even reserved the table at Marix Tex Mex where Jenn + Brad use to sit when they were married…

Cheers to another sweet birthday 🎂

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