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Should You Get A Corona Cuddle Buddy?

Dear Notoriouslysinglegirl

I’m single. Living in these times of quarantine when a plague is among us is looking to be a bit bleak! With social distancing and you know what I mean? Do you think it’s the right choice to get a Corona cuddle buddy?

Love In The Apocalypse

Dear Love In The Apocalypse

Hmmm …. I know… this is a tough one! whoever branded that term “social distancing “ is a genius ! I have visions of people sitting in a room … a war room of sorts much like the one in the 1980’s movie “War Games!”

“Do you want to play a game?” Says the super computer.

“Yes!” Says someone in a suit.

“Let’s call is social distancing!”


According to the CDC guidelines you have to keep your 3 ft distance away from people. As if the world wasn’t socially distanced enough… now there are mandates due to a virus.

We are living in an Orwellian novel. It’s about to turn into an Aldous Huxley novel in about a minute or so.

Oh and I hear you about the cuddles… I’m a cuddle slut myself! I relish in those embraces and breath them in intoxicating myself on the aphrodisiac … it’s an amazing high like no other… the passionate embrace from a lover….

As far as seeking a cuddle buddy you have free will to do whatever you want! If you have a healthy immune system and have not been exposed … then you are free to decide.

Yes, I’m aware of the 2 week incubation period with no symptoms showing.

But what would you do if you knew you had only 15 minutes to live… ?

Personally… I’d indulge in those cuddles and have sex…although 15 minutes is much too short for me!

Choose wisely… and enjoy the apocalypse!

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