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Life’s Too Short To Be “HANGRY!”

Dear Notoriouslysinglegirl,

A few days ago, I went out on a Tinder lunch date. It’s Los Angeles and traffic lately has been rather unpredictable! Not to mention I got my hair done… and you know it takes time for a woman to get ready. I had informed my date I was running late.

Yikes! I was 30 minutes late!

When I got to my location, my date was no where to be found?

I figured he left and I was fine with that and proceeded to do a little shopping. Suddenly, I see him turn a corner. I approach him, and he starts to have a ” Hangry” tantrum!

He blamed me for being late which I took full accountability for. But, he also blamed me for being hungry. He stated he hadn’t eaten all day long. And that he was waiting in his car for me? He didn’t like the restaurant and expected me to find a new place to eat?

I refused and told him this was not going to work out. His behavior was not appropriate. Then I left.


Life’s Too Short To Be Hangry

Dear Life’s Too Short To Be Hangry,

I applaud you for not tolerating this “man-child’s” “Hangry” behavior. Yes, you were late. You texted. He had the choice to just leave. Instead he stayed and made you responsible for his hunger?

Was he 5 years old?

Researcher shows that hangry moods are in fact real:

I once had a friend, let’s call him “Lester.” Lester would have Hangry tantrums if anyone was late or his blood sugar was low. His friends including myself had to suffer the consequences of his insufferable moods. He blamed it on the fact that he was 6’4 and lanky. That his metabolism was super fast.

One day, after one of “Lester’s” Hangry attacks, I scolded him like I would scold a 5 year old. I put him on check and brought him to the present moment and reminded him that he was an adult and responsible for his own Hangry moods. That he should perhaps carry a high protein snack with him. And that he needed to stop blaming friends for his hunger.

I also would carry granola bars in my purse when I would see him just in case I had to fight off one of his moods.

One day, he stopped me and thanked me for pointing out that his hunger was his personal responsibility and not everyone else’s.

Grown adults are responsible for their own needs after the age of 18 years old. A man throwing a tantrum just because he’s hungry is out of control.

It’s a good thing you got outta there! His mood was a precursor to a bad relationship waiting to happen. What’s he gonna do when you make a mistake in the future? His volatile behavior speaks volumes about his character and lack of there of. Like Maya Angelou once said: “People will show you and tell you who they are!” Let’s not forget he was waiting in his car for you? Insecure much?

And you are completely correct: Life’s definitely way too short to be Hangry!

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