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#Notoriouslysinglegirl Takes A Day Off In Santa Monica

“Life Moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it!

-Ferris Bueller

“It’s such a beautiful day today!” Martin, the guy who owns the Miracle bakery in Burbank bundles up my freshly baked chocolate croissants and pours my iced americano with a touch of cream as he looks outside and just stares off into the beautiful autumn day.

“It’ is beautiful!” I reply. That’s why I’m taking today off and going to the beach.

“Nice. Where?”

“Santa Monica!” I boast.

When you have a friend who lives in a 400 square foot apartment with a million dollar beach view you really have no choice but just to cruise down the 405 and hang out!

Only in #LosAngeles can you find friends who have Emmy Awards just hanging around their kitchen counters.

Life does move fast! Ferris Buellers Day Off has always been one of my favorite movies of course I had articles to be written, podcasts to be produced, and phone calls to be made. But when I’m dead and long gone no one in heaven would care about those things…

Heaven would want to know about my bike ride down Santa Monica beach to Venice with a left turn on Abott Kinney and a scrumptious lunch at Gjelina.

Heaven would want to know about the prosciutto, pear, and burrata that paired well with a sparkling rose.

Heaven would want to know about the lamb burger that my friend had, the garlic fries that we shared, and the handsome men that adorned the restaurant like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

And let’s not forget about my shrimp and grits swimming in a red sauce.

We rode through the streets on Jump bikes, checked out the street art and thought that Boise Thomas has a much better way to finding LOVE ❤️ than being on Tinder.

Our next stop was Rose 🌹 where we had an Aperol spritz… refreshing after a ride…

We ended where we began. It was the calm before the storm hit. Before I walked to my car and fauns a parking ticket for $64.00! Before I spent almost 3 hours in LA traffic in the rain, missed my hair appointment and barely made my date!

I just smiled. The day was amazing! Expensive, but amazing!

Cheers 🍻


4 Responses to “#Notoriouslysinglegirl Takes A Day Off In Santa Monica”

  1. Maruthi Ujwal

    Ersilia, this is quite some writing. Not many of us can write this well even when we feel like writing and we want to.

    Even though this is a small writing, it’s so beautiful that I feel like I’m wearing your shoes or I’m imagining that I’m with you. It’s amazing how greatly you have enjoyed simple things and put it here. Thank you.

    This writing makes me feel how beautiful you are as a person. God bless you dear. Please continue to be amazing and keep writing. Lots of Love.



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