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I’m Not Your Therapist…

“I wrote this song because a guy I was dating thought I was his therapist! I couldn’t help him. I’m only 16….

-16 yr old country music songstress

Teenagers can teach us so much these days!

I for one can totally relate to this 16 year old songstress! She wrote this song because a guy she was dating unloaded all his garbage on her as if she was his therapist! I love how she created a song and says ” Hey I can’t help you.. I’m only 16!”

I for one can totally relate!

As a pediatric nurse practitioner my days are spent listening to people’s problems. My job is to help them resolve them.

In my dating life I really don’t want to do this… but it happens.

Subconsciously, I’m attracted to hot messes… aka men with problems!

Yes we are all flawed …including myself… but I try hard not to vent to my dates especially on the first date!

I don’t want to hear about your ex wife, the two failed engagements and the tinder date who stole your car! Not on the first date at least.

I don’t want to hear how your “wife” is bipolar and thinks you’re getting back together even though you’ve separated, bought a new house and live on your own!

“I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender I coulda been somebody. Instead of a bum!”

-Marlon Brando

On The Waterfront

I don’t want to hear about all your missed opportunities in life and how you had to settle for a “grownup” job and stop pursuing your passions.

I don’t want to hear about all your medical problems!

Your toothache you’ve had for a year.

The arthritis and 5k/ month meds you’re on.

…And please don’t tell me about your prostate!!!

I have a grown up job and I’m still pursuing my quirky passions, and I only discuss medical stuff with medical peeps so your complaints fall on deaf ears!

And I’m not your therapist!

I’m your date, girlfriend, lover… but not your therapist!

There are apps for that if you don’t want to see a real human being and talk your shit out!

I’ve gone to therapy! And still do! I’m lucky to host and produce a podcast where I bring talented therapists on to discuss common day problems.

It’s true that suicide rates are high for men in general. It’s true men are less likely to seek help for issues like depression and anxiety.

But I’m tired of of being the therapist on dates.

Yes, it’s true and why my podcast is called Nurses And Hypochondriacs… because I attract people with problem.

It’s the “hero” mentality… I get it! And I’m finally focusing on turning that side of me off in dating… and with friends!

Stop being a bum and live your life! Get help, divorce the drama and start a garage band!

You only have one life to live! ❤️

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