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Why Single Adults Should Take A Lesson From The “Tween- Ager” Boys Wearing Scrunchies Around Their Wrists

Me: “Did a girl give you that scrunchie you’re wearing around your wrist?

Tween Age boy: (says nothing and puts hands in front of face trying to hide)

Today, I busted one of my “tweenager” patients in front of his mom!

I was seeing him for a physical exam, and on his right wrist there it was… a “scrunchie!”

Yup, I embarrassed him. No, his mother didn’t know what the “scrunchie” around his wrist was all about! And yes both mom and I started cracking up with laughter while the “tweenager” sunk down with further embarrassment!

It’s the latest “love fad” in the “tweenager” world. Girls in middle school give out their “scrunchie ” to a boy they “like.”

Some boys are incredibly lucky and get so many that their mother’s are complaining about finding them in the dryer!

I remember reading an article about this a few weeks ago. And until today, I never really noticed any of my patients wearing them!

I think it’s adorable! And so love the idea!

I really think adult single females should start giving out their scrunchies to guys they meet out and about! I, for one, am sick and tired of app dating!

And … what a minute scrunchies are back in style and selling at urban outfitters…. what the ? And why? Who knows?

But anyway:

I’m sick of being called “sweetie” before we’ve even met.

I’m sick of being asked if I live with my parents, when in reality I’ve been a homeowner for 20 years! And not to mention a professional with a J-O-B and a career!

I’m sick of being told ” there’s no romantic feelings” between us or “I’m just not falling in love with you!”

The latter really only happens as Jordan Peterson states ” In a romantic comedy or a teen age girls fantasy!” But for some reason that’s what men in their 40’s were looking for on some recent dates I went on.

They didn’t care about good conversations. They didn’t care about common interests. They didn’t care about ” Hey, if I ever have a heart attack, this chick can actually save my life!”

No, they wanted the teenage girl fantasy… that literally is a fable if you know anything about what real relationships are all about!

So, I’ve made up my mind… I’m just gonna make a bunch of scrunchies and just give them out to guys I like… and I can almost guarantee I’ll be waaaay more successful then I have been with online dating!

Hey… it seems to work for my tweenager patients… and the boys totally LOVE it ❤️!

Happy Dating !

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