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Tacos & The Hollywood Fringe Fest #100DaysOfSummer

Spring being a tough act to follow… God created June!

Al Bernstein

I really love summer! Living in Los Angeles… it’s definitely my favorite time of year!!

And in Hollywood… you know it’s summer when the Hollywood Fringe Festival starts off in June!

In 2015 I produced my storytelling show Nurses and Hypochondriacs at the Fringe. The event has a special place in my heart since that’s where my producing career began! 13 shows later and a podcast with 41 episodes … I love to pay homage to this even by watching a few productions!

And of course have tacos @ Leo’s Tacos with my fellow board member, storytelling Co-producer and friend Chris!

It’s now become our annual event … we watch a show, we have tacos and talk about the show along with our single dating lifestyle!

Chris fills me in on all the women he goes on coffee dates with that wear pant suits!

“These women all are professional and have an air of masculine energy!” He tells me as I’m shoveling down some carne asada fries in my mouth!

let me tell you… these fries are so worth a keto cheat day … cheese, carne, gauc, and an assortment of accoutrements!

But dude? Who wears a pant suit on a coffee date? And what woman is Bri gong on their masculinity on a date with a man?

I’ve worked with many female physicians who acted like dudes! So much so that I had to ask them what side of the field they were playing?

Well…it’s no surprise, they were all having trouble getting and keeping dates!

The solution: Keep that dude side of you at work and don’t forget your gal side on a date!

These women told me that they had to bring on their masculinity at work to keep up with the energy of their male counterparts. But, they were forgetting to keep that dude side at work and let the gal out to play!

I get it… it’s hard! But personally I love being a woman and getting my gal side ready for dates: makeup,hair,nails,perfume,heels, and let’s not forget the-art Of flirting!

I even like to make my tacos ultra Femme Fatale with some green sauce, pretty pickles red onions, and a sprig of cilantro!

Remember your gal side and leave the dude at work!

Happy Summer!

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