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Joy … it’s in Highland Park #100DaysOfSummer

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well…!

-Virginia Wolf

I grew up in Eagle Rock just over the hill from Highland Park. Back in the day, we’d never venture over “the hill” for fear of getting murdered…

Here we are 30 some odd years into the future in the middle of a beautiful foodie renaissance… and yes today I’ll venture all the way from Burbank…. especially for JOY!

JOY…. I’ve walked past it several times…my curiosity peaked with the long lines of hipsters and gentrifiers waiting on the broken sidewalk to order and be seated.

On a Thursday summer night, a gal pal and I finally decided to try it… we were lucky to only wait less than 15 minutes before we ordered.

We were greeted with colorful brain expanding aesthetics …I ordered the pineapple smoothie drunken with sake and of course a swanky yellow umbrella to top it off…

We entered this place blind. We figured it was Asian fusion of some kind. It’s really Taiwanese.

John Legend & Chrissy Tiegan were just here

-My Gal Pal

Our first pick : the pancake made of eggs, scallions, and cheese… topped with siracha…. double spicy yum!

The rice noodle soup with pork, shrimp and scallions danced around my mouth deliciously…the colors of the soup along with its magical eclectic bowl added to my foodie experience and the party going on in my mouth!

Hey … you can just use your hands if you need too… why not we’re all friends here!

Dessert is a must … especially in summer!

And it seems like the “hot” dessert lately is rice pudding!

This one was yummy with purple rice, warm coconut milk topped with some gummy fruit!

JOY is a must if you are on the hunt for an eclectic summer foodie experience… it’s just in the heart of Los Angeles… and well worth the wait in line along with the local hipsters!

Enjoy your #100DaysOfSummer

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