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I’ve Always Hated The Game Tug Of War : #TheDarkSideOfBeingSingle

Creating success is a tug of war between your mind and your dreams. If your fears win you lose.

-Robert G. Allen

Dear Notoriouslysinglegirl,

I’ve been casually dating A guy for the past 3 months or so. Our dates are sporadic and I’ve just given this guy my time when I’ve been available. However, it seems like he’s never available or can’t prioritize his life. We barely see each other. And I really like him! He’s everything I’ve ever wanted…

Our last date was amazing. We finally connected. We laughed. We bonded. We shared passionate kisses.

And then when I’ve asked to see him again I get crickets!

It’s frustrating and it’s consuming too much time in my head.

I’m hating the push and pull, and I’m wanting to put him on the shelf next to my copy of Anna Karenina!

-Caught In A Tug Of War

If you’re loosing a Tug Of War with a tiger give it the rope! You can always buy a new one!

-Max Gunther

Dear Caught In A Tug Of War,

The above quote says it best! Just give that tiger the rope. There are 7 billion people on the planet and to waste time on one when you have goals of your own … well is just a waste of time.

Personally, I’ve always hated Tug Of War.

As a kid, I remember getting rope burn on the palms of my hands when we played tug of war in school or on family picnics. I remember just letting go of the rope because of the pain it caused.

Relationships can be painful if communication sucks. Though they really shouldn’t be.

I’ve personally let go of relationships with friends when they present me with a tug of war… aka leading me on.

“Oh let’s get together when I’m in town.” And it never happens. Time and time again.

The date that orbits you and sporadically asks you out with no commitment can fall into the same category.

John Paul Sartre said it best: “Hell Is Other People!”

If we allow it, other people will put us in hell!

These individuals have no respect for time. The god Chronos should just eat them up likes he’s eaten his children in the past!

The best thing to do is just let go and give them the rope!

Who knows what this individual is going through? Though it seems like he’s a terrible communicator and just is not being honest with you? If he has no time, he should just tell you that! And not keeping you tugging and hanging on. It’s really unfair. People should respect each other and be honest.

It seems like he’s just emotionally immature. Who knows for sure?? Unless you are a mind reader, or a neurosurgeon… you’ll probably never know.

I do know it’s hard when you’ve invested time and emotion into someone who’s not willing to give back. It hurts!

Though I’m a huge fan of Leo Tolstoy, I really wouldn’t put this guy on the shelf! I’d donate him to the Goodwill … get a tax deductible receipt and be done with him!

We all should take a lesson from the late Shel Silverstein

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2 Responses to “I’ve Always Hated The Game Tug Of War : #TheDarkSideOfBeingSingle”

  1. Maruthi Ujwal

    Good one. It’s not just dating, but relates to other situations as well… Just let the f**king rope go… 😉😉😉✋✋✋✋Love it… Good one Ersilia.


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