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Either Give Me More Wine Or Leave Me Alone ! @MirabelleWineBar

The only thing to do in the deep Valley of Los Angeles when the weather can’t make up its mind and decides to rain, is to check out a new wine bar. Mirabelle !

As I walked into the bar I was met with the dark mystique of the place accented with burning candles, old wine bottles and the curious typography framed on the walls.

Sitting in the corner of the bar was my hairdresser and good friend “Mathew.”

“Hold on a second I’m just finishing up an article!” He says furiously pounding out words on his phone while sipping on a smooth Cabernet poured from a spout!

All good writers hangout in bars. From Hemingway, C.S. Lewis, Jack Koureac and now us!

So the saying goes “En Vino Veritas!”

As I ordered the same as Mathew “The Smooth Cabernet Poured From A Spout,” he shared parts of his article a review of ” Who Wore It Best” at the latest daytime Emmy awards.

I shared his opinions on the various tux’s, hairstyles and grooming on the male attendees.

“Why would she wear pants with a dress?” Mathew gawked and I agreed.

“And oh Ariana Grande, Why oh why would you wear the ostentatious pant outfit ?” Again I agreed!

“You know I had a dream I was giving Ariana Grande hair and dating advice!” Mathew proclaimed!

“I had a dream Andy Cohen from Bravo was asking me to be on a Housewives show!” I chimed in as we both scanned the menu and meticulously organized our charcuterie plate.

We chose various salamis, a selection of hard and soft cheeses accompanied by some crusty Spanish bread. But, the star of this plate had to be the oh so greasy duck prosciutto that melted in my mouth like butter.

Like all good writers and we shared our latest dating triumphs and failures in the “tumultuous” dating landscape of Los Angeles.

“Tumultuous! I love that word it’s my favorite!” Adds Mathew as I read a text I sent out a suitor explaining the last 48 hrs of my life hacking out a script I was commissioned to write, that was more harrowing than a storm in the South Pacific on a pirate ship!

Speaking of scripts, apparently this is a great place to read them. Hey, Actors need wine too!

I loved the old tape deck decor and the music that paired well with the mystique of Mirabelle that ranged from Guns and Roses to some 80s punk band I had a vague recollection of! This all conjured up memories of NOLA and Lafitte Blacksmiths bar… allegedly the oldest bar in New Orleans.

Oh wait! I forgot to mention the salty marcona almonds which instantly became my addiction and I believe I devoured the whole bowl leaving Mathew none! The salt on these almonds were so good I wanted to lick the bowl like a cat would lick theres after eating cat food picking up every last crystal of salt. But of course I didn’t. Hey, I’d like to pretend I have manners!

The olive oil cake paired with blue berries and cream is a must and makes a great ending to the novel of our evening.

When it rains, or just any other time , Mirabelle is a must especially if you want to be transported into a writers vortex!

Cheers !

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