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“You Should Attract That Person Who Also Wants A Relationship With You!” After Dinner Surprise @SammyG’sPalmSprings

The wrong person makes you beg for attention, affection, love and commitment.

The right person gives you these things because they love you!

It’s always a sweet surprise when 2 glasses of amaretto liquor and a handful of biscotti magically appear at your dinner table.

My friend Barry and I sat at Sammy G’s Tuscan grill in Palm Springs on a sweet Sunday evening. After dinner, we chatted about our entrepreneurs projects, the heat creeping into the desert, and our romantic misadventures.

You should attract that person who also wants a relationship with you!

We both agreed ! Though we both keep attracting those who are wounded!

Barry and I are healers .. he a yogi , me a Nurse Practitioner both of us are Uber empathic! We tend to attract broken people: people just out of relationships, people trying to heal themselves and of course narcissists!

And those relationships that are fast and furious!

Yup, they’re fun ! You are living in the moment… it’s exhilarating! But very much like a drug induced euphoria you hit that low! You want another hit but that person of interest disappears and you are left feeling jilted. Alone to regroup and wonder why once again you fell for that broken individual.

Maybe its boredom. A happy distraction. Or maybe just maybe you see in that person something you need to heal in yourself!

I guess it’s all part of the human experience while living on planet earth.

And these people are sweet disruption to your inner chaos, much like a glass of amaretto and biscotti…

Just enjoy the ride!


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