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Fall In Love With A Person Who Enjoys Your Madness & Not An Idiot That Forces You To Be Normal

Most people are seeking relationships in order to gain power and control over the other person!

-A Friend

Over a dinner conversation at Hop Li’s on the West Side Of Los Angeles ( no photos because I left my phone in the car!) my friend Chris and I chatted about dating , specifically app dating!

” I just want someone who likes the same stuff I do and can sit,watch Netflix and chill!” He boasted as we dined on honey sesame spare ribs, fried pork dumplings and crispy noodles with beef drenched in brown sauce.

In a recent interview with Dan Blizzarian on the Joe Rogan Podcast, both of them discuss how people in relationships just want to control each other. They went on to say most marriages end in divorce and that the women end up receiving a hefty payout .

Although, due to women having higher paying jobs, the latter is not always true. But, I did agree with the “power and control” part of the discussion.

In my experience, the average Joe thinks: if you are not doing the 9-5pm slave trade chain gang thing, you are not normal!

I personally get it all the time:

You have a podcast? I don’t have a podcast … I’m just a 9-5pm guy!

It’s true… I do a lot… I work a lot , but I make time for the right people.

My job is not a conventional one, in fact I have many jobs, so many I’ve been called “Jamaican!”

In my POV, I only have one life to live, so why not have fun pursuing my passions?

Most people stuck in the matrix don’t get that. Hence the reason people want “control” each other!

The above meme says it best!

At this point in my life, I just want to enjoy my time on my planet earth! I want to continue to have crazy adventures where I have no itinerary, where I can laugh for endless hours and be my crazy self!

And yes, it would be nice to find a partner who could do the same!

The problem is, many people don’t know who their true self is? And therefore have issues just letting go and enjoy being in the moment!

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