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Yes! I Went To Mardi Gras Solo On My Birthday… And It Was Amazing! #BirthdayMonth Part 1

I travel solo a lot! I know that scares people. Especially the men I date on Various apps like Tinder!

I’m street smart. I’ve worked in the hood for almost 25 years. I’ve taken multiple self defense courses. I carry pepper spray. I grew up with a brother. I can hold my own.

Mardi Gras this year was smack dab on my birthday! And of course I booked a trip since a work conference was also going on that same week in #NOLA.

I landed the day before my birthday. It was 630pm and parades were in full swing.

Note to anyone traveling to NOLA: I did get conned-by the airport shuttle people. A 24 dollar shuttle ride promised to take me as close as possible to my hotel. Although Lyft was charging $31.00 … I should have taken the Lyft. Saving a few bucks took an hour off of my life. The shuttle driver wanted to dump my 2 suitcases and I in a shady neighborhood to which I started to scream like a crazy person! As you can imagine… he took me straight to the hotel door! When you want someone to do what you want … just start screaming!

I checked into the Pontchartrain Hotel on St Charles. Conde Naste boasts it was the best hotel in NOLA for 2018. My hairdresser Mathew helped me book it, and of course we share the same taste.. after all he keeps my hair looking amazing!

And yes… they this place is haunted though … I didn’t see, hear or feel anything! Though apart from the pace being spectacular… it did have a peculiar smell.

My room was awesome. A comfy bed. A pink robe. Old school medications in the bathroom. I was in heaven.

Mardi Gras on St Charles was in full swing. Immediately. I was mesmerized!

Colorful floats parked through the streets followed by high school bands and showers of multi colored beads.

After collecting my bounty I headed back inside my hotel and had my first NOLA cocktail… a fizzy bourbon at the Bayou Bar.

And of course some NOLA munchies: Pate, pimento spread, and some liverwurst. Total yum!

The Bayou Bar was tres cool. It’s the place where Sinatra use to hang when he was in town. I’m sure he still makes an appearance here and there … when I asked the bar tender if Frank’s ghost still hung out at the bar… he gave me a weird look! Though the guy next to me chuckled.

The best thing about traveling solo: everyone suddenly becomes your friend. Double bonus on your birthday : people buy you drinks!

I just started telling people it was my birthday at the bar… and boom the drinks were rolling on in!

The upstairs bar “Tin Roof” was where the party continued.

Getting a second drink was insane in this place… I just enjoyed the view and the jazz band!

Stay tuned for part duex!

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