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Where To Hang When Your Date Starts Taking A Nose Dive: Triple Beam Pizza Highland Park

“Luca, it’s my Starbucks name! You know, from the movie The Godfather!”

-My Date Explaining His Alias

“Yes, Luca Abrazzi sleeps with the fishes!” I answered my latest date, as he tried to explain to me where his alias came from.

We were sitting at the bar at “La Cuevicitta” ( translation: The Little Cave) in Highland Park. I was sipping on a Paloma and checking out the various “bat” art on the walls and the intriguing hipsters engaged in conversation.

The date had turned drab. My date kept talking about my thick brown hair and asked why I straightened it. He remarked about my eyes and wanted to see their true color in the natural light.

“You are so beautiful!”

Ok… cut the bullshit! Love bombing for me is a major turn off! It does nothing for me! And yes I told my date this!

“Have you been to the pizza place next door?” Quickly I changed the convo to one of my favorite subjects: Food!

He then started to spout off that it was probably terrible, that he only went to one pizza place in town: Follieros.

Though I’ve never been to Follieros, I offered to buy him a slice at Triple Beam Pizza, the place next door. Reluctantly, he accepted my offer.

Walking in , the whiff of fresh pizza being slung out of the oven filled my nostrils like a sweet perfume! I was drunk on pizza perfume! I knew instantly this place was a winner!

My date, still a skeptic!

Pizza by the slice is hard to come by in Los Angeles! And this place sells pizza by the pound…

I went for the mushroom, my date the Margheritta.

To say it was delicious was an understatement! The cheese, blends well with the crisp thin crust cooked oh so nicely ! I was falling in love with my pizza!

The pizza gal encouraged us to play games since it was game night, so I challenged my date to a round of “Uno!”

He begrudgingly accepted my challenge since he didn’t know how to play…

I have him a quick lesson … and told him not to get mad if I win!

Ok, ok… here ‘ s the jist… if I’m leaving my nice warm cozy home, leaving the mountains of podcast production and writing I have to do to put on some makeup and straighten my hair, at the very least I gotta have a good time… even if I have to make it happen!

And yes… there was a happy ending! Free Focaccia ! The pizza gal gifted us … it made my night and an amazing sandwich the next day!

Triple Beam Pizza knows how to do pizza by the slice in Los Angeles ! Even if your date doesn’t sleep with the fishes … you gotta take them there!

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