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Caftan’s & Kimono’s… A Party In Palm Springs

Khaftan’s were made for the beautiful people!

-Diana Vreeland

Summer is winding down… but it’s just the beginning of party season in Palm Springs, where summer never ends!

Antique Galleries & PS Caftan hosted a suare of a breezy kind of nature!

With temperatures reaching 123 degrees Fahrenheit… Caftans and Kimonos are the go to fashion is you dare to wear anything at all!

…. and let’s not forget the guests who wowed with their eye candy! People watching at its best!

Antique Galleries Of Palm Springs have whimsical antiques that will bring your childhood screaming back out you! Absolutely fun venue for a party!

Antique Galleries is definitely a place to stop while in Palm Springs to find a caftan, Kimono, or that thing from your childhood that your mom threw out but you just gotta have it back!

Let the PARTY season begin! 👠

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