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Wednesday’s With My Friend Mike @Ysabel WEHO #100DaysOfSummer

It’s summer! It’s hot in the city of Angels… and who can resist a cocktail topped with exquisite flowers and foliage!

Ysabel WEHO…. that’s the place my friend Mike took me… that’s the place where “Mix Master Matt” makes delectable summer cocktails!

The sparkling water is even pretty with a bouquet of mint and lavender that just takes you away!

I felt like I was at the “Rose Parade” of cocktails as Mike and I sat at the bar…. we shot the shit…we people watched… and we drank elegant libations!

I love my new foodie mate Mike! While we sipped our cocktails we chatted about all kinds of stuff local politics, vision quests, and of course FOOD!

Mike likes to challenge “Mix Master Matt” with an interesting surprise to mix in his cocktails… I think this time it was some type of Australian Carob syrup!

It was pretty… had a chocolaty flare…

Of course… we had a bit of food as well! Who could resist my AbFab deep fried stuffed zucchini flowers! Hello!

…. and the artichoke tortellini in a butter… oh so yummy butter sauce…

…. Dessert is not to be missed with the Thai iced tea creamer brûlée which is tres magnifique!

It’s always great when Ysabel’s chef Allison comes out to chat and make sure we are well taken care of!

I love my new foodie buddy Mike… we are set to experience a multitude of savory adventures…. and I Love Love Ysabel…. especially on a hot summer Wednesday night!

It’s a definite must if you’re in WEHO!


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