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Sunday’s Are The Best Dating Days! #100DaysOfSummer

” Sunday’s are the best days to date!”

That’s what the announcer guy was saying as I stopped in the break room at work to get a cup to f coffee.

“It’s summer, there’s more vitamin D, people are happy and want to date more!”

It’s a study that either or EHarmony put out. Who knows how valid it is or if it’s just marketing?

I can speak from my own experience… and yes… the apps are hot! More men want to go out!

Wether it’s the extra vitamin D, people feeling lonely, or just teachers being on school break…more people are looking for love…or what they think is love aka “sex!”

So why are Sunday’s the best days to be on an app?

Well… it’s a lazy day…. you’re having coffee… possibly recovering from your Saturday night… and you just start swiping… which leads to chatting…and who knows if that leads to anything else?

But it’s so much nicer to meet someone and have a conversation in person! Wouldn’t you agree?

Happy Swiping!

#100DaysOfSummer 😎

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