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Why I Hate Recycling In Burbank….

It’s been a year since I recycled! I thought it was time since my addiction to Mountain Valley BlackBerry Pomegranate sparkling water had gotten way out of control!

The recycling place is just a few blocks from where I live. You would think that recycling would be easy. Convenient? Yeah.. No! Quite the contrary!

It’s a huge pain in the ass!

First of all there’s always a long, long… way too long line!

People bring thousands of pounds of recyclables to this teeny tiny little shack! I guess those are the “career” recyclers: those people who make a living of off collecting recyclables. Hey that’s great… they are saving the environment and making a career out of it! Bravo…

Although, they make recycling for the “regular” joe non career minded recycler, like myself, incredibly miserable!

They stand there with their 100 garbage bags full of recyclables. They place each container… one by one… into the machine. They are patient. They are diligent. They are annoying!

You see, there’s a huge recycling center in Burbank where these people can go to and unload their bounty for cash! A place that accommodates large loads. Yet, they choose this teeny tiny shack!

People, like myself, that only have a few “Trader Joe’s” bags to unload, wait.. and wait… and wait!

As if the waiting is not bad enough, the woman who runs the show is not so “nice!”

I guess you can compare her to the “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld or my old boss “Gemma” from the Eagle Rock Italian Bakery.

If you couldn’t order your sandwich fast enough at the bakery, Gemma would start screaming at you… in English and Italian! She would also cut you off and say you couldn’t order a sandwich! She would actually tell people not to come back! No joke!

This only made people want the bread and sandwiches more! Customers got smart and knew Gemma started work at 1130am, and would purposely come earlier to avoid her! Yes… the bread was that good!

The recycling lady is no different! She yells at people constantly! Some say that she only likes the “Spanish” speaking people and treats them nicer.

And you gotta know the “recycling” rules or else: it’s no recycling for you!

– no water in plastic bottles

-certain bottles are not CRV

Those are only the rules people were whispering to each other while they waited!

Finally, it was my turn to put my loot of plastics and glass in the recycling machine!

“No glass… Only plastic!” The woman starts to yell!

Then “No plastic only glass!”

She continually started going off on me!

Till I stopped her:

“Listen lady… there’s no need to yell! I work in Health Care! I have to be nice, no matter what! If I yelled at people like you do I would be fired!”

I then saw the “Let us know how we are doing” sign.

“Maybe I should call the number… I’m sure they’d like to know how your doing!”

“Ok fine! I’m sorry … I’m sorry … I’m sorry!” She said.

I know, I know … I sound like a bitch! But there’s one thing I won’t tolerate, is people being mean! No matter what job you are doing!

“Always treat a human being with respect!” I said… and the crowd applauded! Not really … some of them just laughed, looked down and continued with their recycling!

But you know what…she started being nicer to everyone!

In an era where I hear constant complaints from my pediatric patients about being bullied at school, we need to call people out on their “meanness!” Make them accountable, and change… no matter how good the bread is!

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