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“Don’t get your fur up but be super kind,” The Art Of Calling People Out On Their Shit!

Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the ones that should have been said!


Gotta love Bethenny Frankel! She’s an expert on calling people out on their shit!

This week, I got called out on my shit by a 5 year old little girl! She was having a melt down, due to a procedure I had to do in order to treat her illness! I made her a promise. I promised her if she stopped screaming I would give her some bubbles! She cooperated. Mission accomplished. And she left without her bubbles.

As I jumped to see my next patient, the thought came back and kicked me: “I forgot to give that kid her bubbles!” But after I was done with my other patient and left the room, I saw the kid and she said ” Hey, you forgot my bubbles!”

I hate making promises I can’t keep. Especially to children!

I remember keeping my father accountable when I was a kid. Whenever I got lost at K-Mart, and started crying like a banshee, he would always buy me an Icee and popcorn so I wouldn’t tell my mother that he lost me. I would get lost on purpose and try to find my way back to the “blue light!” It would flash whenever there was a special, but I figured if I waited there, my dad would find me. And he did… and I got my reward! But he would always call me out on my shit! He figured out my “con job” and threatened to stop buying me popcorn and my Icee!

“People don’t like to be called on their shit! ”

-that’s what someone told me.

Although I’m use to it! I’m Italian. And sometimes I forget what I promised people, like the bubbles!

According to ” The Housewives Of Potomac,” when some on throws “shade” your way, you are suppose to call them out on it immediately! Don’t wait!

I know… it’s difficult to call people out when it happens. It takes practice. I guess you can be nice and ask them for clarifications. After all, we are all free to voice our opinions!

The dating world today is upside down. People don’t know how to communicate. People show poor character in just avoiding conversations.

In the past I would just go along with this. And it was always at my expense. Lately, because of time constraints I’ve been looking at my own character flaws as well as those whom I choose to spend my time with.

Text messages at 2am, bizarre pictures of subway sandwiches ( I get the dick pics but what’s with the sandwich?), and just plane rudeness.

I’ve also learned to call people out on their shit a bit more often! And if they can’t communicate, then it’s best we don’t waste each others time.


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