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Birthday Month! @Wilma&Frida’s

Forget the past … look forward for the future! The best things are yet to come!


February… I took a hiatus from writing the blog! And thanks to my fans asking me to write again! I Appreciate everyone who reads this blog of my witty uncanny adventures through…. my life as I see and experience it… #notoriouslysingle!

It’s Birthday Month!

March is the month of Pisces!

“Wow! You’re turning 45? That means I’ve been married for 46 years! Jesus Christ … that’s a long time to be married!

– My Babo

I guess that makes me middle aged? Maybe I should buy a corvette or something?

Nah… I’ll keep the BMW!

Birthday month started off with a SURPRISE visit from my entire family!

So, I decided to hang in the desert a bit longer … and commence my birthday festivities at Wilma & Frida’s in Palm Desert!

I love having my Cancer bro with me! Water signs unite! We have many similar interests… we’re both Uber creative: writing, art, and we share the same love for brunch!

We started off with the brisket benedict….tender with gooey egg!


Cesar salad with real… yes real anchovies! Yup my bro shares my love of these tiny salty delicacies! The salad was devine with a tangy dressing that had us both chomping nonstop!

My Bro had the Bernie’s Chiki verde with pork and Brie omelet…

This is like the clam chowder omelette I had up north!

-My Bro

Brie and chili verde… it’s like a Mexican and a Parisian walk into a bar and whamo! They make an omelette! These flavors are heavenly together… and just makes you go… mmmm 👄!

No desert on this trip! But I’m sure to return to try their churro waffles or the blackberry custard French toast!

After all… #birthdaymonth has only just begun! 🎂

4 Responses to “Birthday Month! @Wilma&Frida’s”

  1. Byron Estuardo Valle

    You just gave me ideas how to gain some weight LOL!!!


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