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Chicago… It’s My Kinda Town!

I’m back from the future… seen it with my own eyes… the future is Chi!

-Kanye West

The rivers ran green from the St Patrick’s Day festivities in “Chi Town!”

It feels good to spread my wings and fly and get out of the desert! And Chi is the perfect place… big buildings, nice people and pizza!

Not to worry! I’ll write another blog paying homage to Chicago’s best eats!

Chi Town is one of my favorite cities! It’s one of my top 3 cities I’d move to, if I had to move.

But, it’s cold!

Temps were 30-50!


A city full of beautiful architecture and rich in history… it was once burnt down to the ground and built up again to magnificence!

If you’ve never been… it’s a must, but wait till it’s a bit warmer!

Cheers! 🥂

2 Responses to “Chicago… It’s My Kinda Town!”

  1. Byron Estuardo Valle

    The weather isn’t so bad at Chicago, it’s even colder from December to February, but anyway thanks for the review and I’ll be thinking to visit once again the Windy City.


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