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Curling & Cocktails @LuLu’s Palm Springs

I dropped my purse in the toilet!

– The Woman Who Just Sat Next To Me

You can never get too bored in Palm Springs! Not when there’s “CURLING” on TV!

Pair that with a skinny margarita and voila… a ton of fun!

I don’t get this sport? 🥌 Curling? There’s ice, a thing that people pitch across the ice, then people who sweep the ice in front of it? The fascinating part: WTF? That’s what your brain keeps saying when your trying to understand it?

Nothing is ever boring at LuLu’s. There’s something for everyone. Sit at the bar and your bound to get entertained… not just by the Curling on TV… but the people hanging at the bar!

The girl that dropped her purse in the toilet? She announced it to the whole bar, and also to her date. That didn’t detour him! As they were leaving they decided to make out in front of me. Then the dude stuck his hand up her assets… no #metoo going on there!

On the other side of the bar: race discussions were going on! A Serbian and a Middle Eastern make. The Serb : we are alike, the Middle Eastern: we couldn’t be more different! The cultures are different!

The discussion seemed to get heated and that’s where I bid : peace out!

I don’t know who won the curling event? Buy I did see a badass 17 yr old snow boarder from Denver, Colorado win Olympic gold!

2 Responses to “Curling & Cocktails @LuLu’s Palm Springs”

  1. Byron Valle

    I’m wondering if Palm Springs it’s so funny and whole of adventures as you describe in your articles, need to see that with my own eyes.


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