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Trolling For Sugar Daddies @MamaGina’s, Palm Desert

Go to Mama Gina’s! The chicken Parm and Caesar Salad are delish! They have happy hour all night… but be careful… you might just find yourself a “Sugar Daddy!”

-Yogi Barry

After a quick walk through Sunnylands, I decided to head over to the El Paseo Shops in Rancho Mirage. That’s where I ran into Mama Gina’s!

This place was packed to the brim with tourists, locals, and snowbirds! You need a reservation to eat in the restaurant. However, the lounge/ bar is where it’s at! Especially if you’re looking for a sugar daddy!

I had to wait a bit for an empty bar chair, but it was worth the wait. In the mean time, there was great people watching to be had!

There was a frenzy of connections happening right before my eyes! Men and women flirting with each other and exchanging phone numbers! I have not seen this in years! It’s a bit of an old school dating ritual that I often reminisce about, and I thought it was lost! But not at Mama Gina’s! Old school love connecting is alive and well!

I even remarked out loud: “Wow there’s a lot of love connections going on! Tons of Sugar Daddies in the House!” as a gentleman kindly slid over to be closer to his bar love interest ( so he could seal the deal to his love connection) and open a seat for me!

The bar tender replied: Just wait, it’s gonna happen to you too!”

I then gave him my order for the Tuscan mushroom soup, and a glass of Zinfandel.

I spied a gentleman having the eggplant parm at the end of the bar. He saw me looking at him and gave me a wink! Wow! I haven’t been winked at in years! I laughed and then asked: ” Is that eggplant parm you’re eating? He said : “Yes, it’s very good!” And gave me the OK sign with his fingers and winked again!

Just as I was about to dig into my eggplant parm, the gentleman beside me on my right started a conversation: ” Is that eggplant parm?”

“Yes, the gentleman at the end of the bar gives it 2 winks and an ok sign!”

He then laughed and told me he was from Nova Scotia, and he was a snowbird. The bar tender would occasionally look 👀 over and give me that glance that said: “See, I told you it would happen!”

The gentleman to my left seemed to score a phone number from his love interest! Success! I congratulated him on his conquest!

He laughed and proceeded to tell me how he survived stage 4 cancer and had an appointment for an angiogram on Monday!

Meanwhile, the gentleman to my right excused himself, bid me fare well and said he was too old for me or else he would ask me for my phone number!

I just shoved more eggplant parm in my face, and smiled shrugging my shoulders.

My next bar mate quickly filled the seat to my right, and ordered a martini with no olives. To my left an older gentleman with a much younger female companion filled the seats, he a glass of wine she something fruity and colorful. And no she was not his daughter!

a good creme brûlée and Mama Gina’s menu States they have ” the best!” Yup, it’s pretty damn good and worth the calories!

As I shoved deliciousness in my mouth the gentleman to my right started a conversation and showed me pictures of his grandchildren!

Mama Gina’s is a must if you’re looking for a sugar daddy or sugar momma! It’s a great place to experience flirting offline the old school way in 3-d!

Oh the food is amazing too! The conversations were a great compliment to the atmosphere! A must if you are in Rancho Mirage!

Cheers! 🍷

2 Responses to “Trolling For Sugar Daddies @MamaGina’s, Palm Desert”

  1. Byron Valle

    Wow, I guess that I this is the place to found my sugar momma lol!!!
    Thanks for the advice 😉👍


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