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Are You Waiting For Love… ? Maybe You Should Read This…

Maybe not.

A writing student of mine texted me a hideous story:

Today I met a woman in her early 50’s. She was complaining of a rash for 2 weeks. I asked her what had happened 2 weeks ago when the rash began. She stated: ” I sold my home in Jersey to move to Palm Springs to be with my boyfriend. We had been dating off and on for several years. We finally decided to make the “commitment” and get married. As I got off the plane, he had a heart attack and died!”

I’ve heard stories like this before. They are stories that are the start of a Hollywood movie. Tragic and full of what if’s?

In this weird swipe right, swipe left hook up culture where no one knows what they really want, stories like these are wake up calls. Not to rush into anything, but to actually give that one guy or gal that you went out with that one time that perhaps didn’t go so well a second third or maybe fourth chance. So what if he or she showed up with a T-shirt full of dog hair. So what if he or she doesn’t look like their profile pictures. So what if he or she just talks about themselves all night long… ( ok not that one!)

Life is short give that person a chance… don’t wait until you are in your 50’s…and get your rashes checked pronto, or at least put some 1% hydrocortisone cream on them!

Happy Dating 👠<<

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