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For The Love Of God: Married People Get Off Tinder!

I went on Tinder because I heard a guy on the radio talking about it. I was curious you know so  I decided to make a profile, and put my picture there… I was only on there for a day, and it was tragic!

– Married Guy Who Went On Tinder

For The Love Of God! Married People: GET OFF TINDER!

As if dating wasn’t difficult enough, now MARRIED PEOPLE are making it even worse!

Lately, in between mindless right, left swipes and if I’m lucky a chat here and there, I’ve come across a profile that goes something like this:

Hello, full disclosure, I’m married and I’m bored! I’m not looking to get a lecture. I just want to have some fun!

I don’t know what his definition of “FUN” is? Is he looking to go to Disneyland? Or have some ice cream?

My favorites are the bored husband and wife couple:

My wife and I are looking for a 3rd. We are in town looking for a lady to have fun with?

Again, these 2 are looking for “FUN?”

They must have watched everything new on Netflix!

Unfortunately, I ended up going on a date with a “married” man! He did not disclose to me that he was “married!” He stated he was divorced. He stated he had no children. He paid for several dates and gifts.

Of course, something was off. He didn’t know how to be single and acted like a married dude. What does a married dude act like? There was a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ about him?

His mannerisms. The way he dressed. The fact that he was acting like someone all too excited to be out! Almost like a puppy that finally got away from his tired old owner! I mean, I know I’m pretty fabulous, but come on!

How did I find out he was married?

Well, there were several red flags during the dates. One huge red flag: he was wearing a wedding ring in his profile pic (it was difficult to see at a quick glance!). He also had listed his consulting website which had a picture of his son on it. Just a simple google search revealed oh so much more… and of course pics of the not so happy family.

Hey, who am I to judge? We had “FUN!” And he bought several bottles of champagne!

Seriously, married people, stop invading our single people space! You gave it up for married bliss and endless nights to have NETFLIXS and chill! And if you’re looking for fun, take your kids to Disneyland or another overpriced theme park and enjoy them!

Please leave the dating misery to us single folks… who may want something more than just fun!



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