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The World In My Eyes

Let me take you on a trip. Around the world and back. And you won’t have to move you just sit still. Let your mind do the walking. Let your body do the talking. Let me show you the world in my eyes.

Depeche Mode, World in My Eyes

We live in a simulation. We create our reality. We create the characters we play on a day to day basis.

Sometimes you’re the hero. Other times you’re the Villian. Many times you are both.

Are you consciously creating your reality? Or is it someone else’s programming that has been downloaded into your subconscious mind?

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is your super computer. It’s the data bank where everything you’ve learned from the ages 0-7 is stored. It’s deep beneath the layers of the conscious mind.

The word subconscious technically means operating beneath consciousness. Thoughts, feelings, behavior are all affected by the subconscious without entering into awareness.

Memories of the past are also stored in the subconscious mind.

When You’re Living In Someone Else’s Reality

You’re sitting at a drive in movie. You’re on a date. The movie starts. It’s chaotic. The camera keeps moving in and out of focus. The scene makes you dizzy.

Suddenly you find yourself in that movie. You’re in your dates reality. You’re living in his chaos.

It’s erratic. You find your self walking through a wind storm. The wind is coming at you head on. The only thing you can do is keep walking against it. You can’t stop the wind nor can you control it.

You walk steadily along the path against the wind. You put one foot in front of the other. You learn to lean in to work with the wind to get you to your destination.

The scene changes. The wind has stopped. You’re walking through a vast desert with many sand dunes. You’re pulling a red suitcase behind you.

The scene is confusing. From erratic wind to a calm desolate desert with beautiful sand dunes. A hand reaches for you. You grab it. You’re now back sitting in a car at the drive in movie. You’re date is sitting besides you.

You’re thinking to yourself “what the fuck was that? Where was I?”

Your date has just showed you the world in his eyes.

You crossed over into the the reality that his subconscious mind has created. You briefly experienced his fears and frustrations in a few pages of his personal screenplay.

To learn more about reality shifts please listen to Quantum Jumping And Reality Shifts Are You Leveling Up?

To be continued

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