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@LeFermiere Yogurt Teleports My Tastebuds To France And Beyond

You’re body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.

Anthony Bourdain
La Fermiere Lemon Yogurt

My latest Notoriouslysingle indulgence is La Fermiere yogurt.

I swear this yogurt was made for me.

I first discovered it a few months ago at the Jensen’s supermarket in Palm Springs California. I love a real French yogurt but what drew me to buy La Fermiere was the ultra chic terra-cotta pot.

While I examined the lavender colored terracotta I thought to myself “whatever is in this little pot has to taste exquisite!“

Not only did the La Fermiere pressed lemon creamy whole milk yogurt taste exquisite, it transported my tastebuds back to France.

It’s creamy texture with natural sweetness and the real flavor of lemon made me feel as if I was having breakfast on the veranda of my cousin’s home in Alsace, France.

On my second spoonful of Le Fermiere yumminess, I saw myself overlooking the many rooftop buildings with storks nesting in their nests, the typical morning view I would enjoy while indulging in French yogurt and freshly made croissants.

Some of the best yogurts I’ve ever tasted were in Italy and France. Always fresh, creamy and pure made with all natural ingredients.

La Fermiere does an amazing job of teleporting you to France to have breakfast or a mid afternoon snack. The packaging insert states

Since 1952, La Fermiere has been perfecting the art of the cup set technique, a fine balance between the savior-faire and premium ingredients. Made with milk, cream, cane sugar, and culture into each terracotta pot to set until they become perfectly firm and creamy.

Enjoy the ride your tastebuds teleport you too. If you can’t go to France, treat yourself to a La Fermiere yogurt pot. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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