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Sometimes You Just Gotta Say F**k It And Go to Paul Bar, Palm Springs

“My mother use to make the worst meat loaf. It was always grey and tasted like leather.“ -Paul ‘O Haloran

September has been a bitch that wears cheap shoes that squeeze the life out of your pinky toes. The Queen is dead, the monarchy seems to still be alive, Mercury is in retrograde along with a hella of a lot of planets, and there was a killer full moon. But this Wednesday after a full day, I just had to say F**k it, and so I headed to Paul Bar in PS, home of the frozen sidecar and the best locals bar in the desert.

If you find yourself parking in a weird shopping mall across from the windmills… you found it! It’s kinda like a speak easy with super cool people.

The new season has started and it’s Paul Bar’s first open day of the season.

The special was a tomato salad and burrata…

Super fresh and super yum.

The best seat is the bar seat.

Frozen Sidecar
Paul the owner

Sundays are for meatloaf

Meatloaf better than the one Paul’s mom use to make.

I love meatloaf Sunday’s at Paul Bar. One of the best gravy meatloafs I’ve ever had. It even comes with mashed potatoes and carrots.

Paul Bar is a must… don’t worry, if you’re not a local you can still

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