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Good Eats @PersimmonBistro Palm Springs

My weaknesses have always been food- and men – in that order.

Dolly Parton
Red Wine Sangria

Friday… Late Lunch…

A hidden gem, Persimmon Bistro , located in the Palm Springs Art Museum, is one of my favorite places to have lunch.

You have to order the POD: Pizza of the Day


On this particular Friday it was a chorizo, three cheese and arugula pizza cooked in an outside brick oven.

The chorizo and three cheeses danced happily in my mouth like a perfect ménage a tois of sorts or I guess you’d call it a French foursome topped with some peppery arugula that brings your taste buds into blissful consciousness… boom! … your tongue can definitely be thrown into a full throttle orgasm with this combo!

Oh yes… and it paired well with my red wine sangria adorned with dancing fruit.

Butternut Squash soup

Yummy seasonal butternut squash soup was creamy smooth and buttery… you just want to lock your lips around the spoon and say…. Oooh ahhh mmmm.

Me and my Caddis glasses against a pair of hearts

The best part about this place other than the food is the ambiance. You can sit next to a pool of water and a couple of giant heart statues and gaze up at the palm trees and savor the true essence of Palm Springs.


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