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Has Covid 19 Made Your Dating Life Much More Arduous? #100DaysOfSummer

I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best, the subject I want to know better….

-Frida Khalo

How’s your dating life been treating you since COVID19 decided to stop the world ?

It’s been com si com sa for me.

Perhaps you decided because the end of the world is possibly eminent… you decided to try dating apps. You’re being a good citizen and following the CDC guidelines of dating “virtually!”

You shared a few text messages with a total stranger. Then decided to face time… how romantic!

But meeting in person?

Who would do that?

Where do you go?

What would you do?

And of course do you wear a mask?

I really can’t with all this bullshit anymore.

Vogue is giving people advice on infectious disease and how to date. It really makes me want to hurl… that’s right I miss the word hurl…

Confession: I’ve been on dating apps for 20 yrs…. correction website dating websites. That’s how they started. And my conclusion: they’ve destroyed dating… and porn has destroyed love making, just like video killed the radio star….and MTV was born… shit… MTV doesn’t even play music videos anymore…who killed video? Was it Netflix or Jeff Bezos ?

…. I really hope a meteor comes from out of space and just blows everything up… a quick death!

Everyone I talk to lately has the same experiences…. if not worse… what’s the point of sending mindless text messages to a total stranger for endless months if you have no intentions of meeting them?

Oh but wait… there’s a deadly virus that can kill me….

Then go ahead and be scared and stay home and wear your mask… better yet … be like that bubble boy kid….

I remember reading about him in my weekly reader in first grade aka the Instagram of the 80’s for elementary school kids. I was so obsessed with the bubble boy. I loved reading about him. I thought he was lucky to live in a bubble. He got all this attention. His name was David Vetter and he had a severely compromised immune system. So, he basically was a human experiment and lived in a bubble for 12 years! All the kids in America read about him. John Travolta was cast as the lead to play him in a movie. Jake Gillenhal was cast in another movie about him!

I think I talked about the bubble boy all the time as a kid. I think I even would tell my mom about him while I would sit in her sewing office and she would just ignore me. Kinda like she ignores me now while I tell her about my life and she just asks me to delete or add people onto her whats app so that she can continue her social life “virtually!”

I think I even pretended that the “bubble boy” was my “virtual” boyfriend… kinda like how I use to pretend Simon LeBonne from Duran Duran or Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode were my“pretend” boyfriends.

Every week when we got the weekly reader, I was so excited to read a story about “the bubble boy!” It was like the stories were written especially for me ! I was happy to know that he was still alive. I imagined us having pretend dates where we shared our first kiss through the plastic that enveloped him and kept him safe from my slobber that could potentially kill him! The kiss of death…

Maybe that’s how he died at the age of 12? Maybe he shared his first kiss with the love of his life who was not me. It’s a very Romeo and Juliet way to die.

Question: Do you really think a mask is going to save your life? Do you really believe in the Marxist propaganda? Do you really believe Santa Claus have you those matchbox cars or that Barbie doll that posed while you took her picture with a fake camera?

Advice: Unlike the journalist who wrote the dating article in Vogue, who has zero healthcare experience and just reads press releases from the CDC, I actually have 25 years of experience as a healthcare provider.

Immune systems are a human beings super power. Boost yours up and you are golden!

Yes… there’s tons of research to support that, and yes demons do plague people… I should know… I’ve dated many of them on these apps! And that was before covid !

If you’re wondering if you should go out and actually defy the CDC guidelines and meet a person in real life…. don’t do it!

Don’t do it because if you have to think about it, then it’s probably not for you!

But if you still think meeting people in real life is important… like research says it is … then do it!

It’s funny because before Covid people would have casual sex without using condoms. No one cared about the astronomical amount of people in Los Angeles getting STDs. No one was ever told to quarantine or wash their hands. And if you’ve ever sat in front of a men’s bathroom at a nightclub with one of your bestie nurse practitioner girlfriends in grad school like I did. and counted all the men who weren’t washing their hands at the co-ed communal sink outside of the bathroom ( the only sink available) …. you probably would have started social distancing and using toxic hand sanitizer that smelled like tequila, a long time ago!

Yet every time I asked a guy when their last STD test was before a date their eyes would pop out of their heads… (I really should have been asking them if they wash their hands after using the “head!” ) they would start to sweat and sometimes even shake! These are probably the same men who wear masks in the car while they drive by themselves.

I’ve seen STDs … lots of them…. I’ve taken care of immune compromised people dying of AIDS… and what’s going on now … well I really don’t know what to say ….

After 20 years of dating “virtually,” I tell myself daily to give it up. Shut it down. It’s worthless.

Until I wake up the next morning and it all starts again like a continuous loop …. and bumble tells me that so many guys are interested in me! And I just believe the propaganda, and start swiping again ….

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