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Eating Like Sinatra @LordFletchers Palm Springs

You only live once… And the way that I live, once is enough!

-Frank Sinatra

“Are you here because you saw me in the Sinatra movie?” taunted “Sir Andrew” the bartender at Lord Fletchers.

On a hot lazy Friday in Palm Springs, I coaxed my fellow foodie buddy ” Larry” into having “Happy Hour” at Lord Fletchers.

It’s true, I’m here because old blue eyes told me to come. Well, he told me in the movie ” Sinatra In The Desert.”

Lord Fletchers was one of his favorite desert hangs. He’d come here and hold court with all his mob buddies, and succulent ” Prime Rib!”

Beware, you gotta make reservations for dinner. But if you don’t you can hang at the bar with “Sir Andrew” for Happy Hour from 530pm-630pm. The prime rib sliders are a must : juicy, mouthwatering, enveloped in fresh carbs!

The bar is where the party is at! Not only do you get to chat with Lord Andrew, but you get to look at wacky mugs and of course what ever sport is on tv!

I wanted a ” Brandy Alexander,” that’s Sinatra’s favorite drink! But Sir Andrew told me that was a dessert drink and gave me a Manhattan instead ! It was actually pretty good!

Alcohol might be a mans worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy!

-Frank Sinatra

The foods not too shabby either! Especially if you like shrimp cocktail….

We also had onion rings but I forgot to take pictures of them! Sometimes ya just gotta be in the moment!

The best is yet to come, and my won’t it be fine!

-Frank Sinatra

Alas… Sir Andrew finally took pity on my puppy dog eyes and gave me a taster of Frank’s fav drink…

It’s old school. It’s boozy. It’s yum!

And yes it’s full of brandy and vanilla ice cream !

If you make reservations, you can sit at the table Sinatra use sit at.

Or just hang at the bar and throw ice cubes at your friend ” Larry,” just like Sinatra did back in the day…

I’m sure he too had a friend named “Larry!”

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