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Last Meal for 2017 @ Shanghai Reds Palm Springs

There is no sincere love than the love of food!

-George Bernard Shaw

If you were going to die tomorrow what would your last meal be?

It’s the question that’s asked of inmates on death row. What would your last meal be before your brains are fried on the electric chair or poison is pumped through your veins?

Ted Bundy declined his meal so they gave him steak, eggs, toast butter and ham. John Wayne Gacy ordered 12 shrimp, a bucket of KFC, French fries and one pound of strawberries. Fun fact: before he was convicted he managed 3 KFC’s.

If by chance it all ends tonight at midnight, if the president decides to push that red button underneath his desk or North Korea nukes us, I decided to have a last meal!

While driving down Indian Canyon in Palm Springs I stopped at the Fisherman’s market. Due to having to use the bathroom, I found Shanghai Reds nestled far in the back, that’s where all the cool people were hanging out.

I grabbed a seat in the bar that seemed cozy but well perched, so that I could watch all the tourists getting sloshed!

I ordered the hibiscus margarita! Delish and a must try! Hibiscus lowers your blood pressure so it’s health too!

Next, I ordered the cesar salad… a bit too sweet. I like my cesar sour with real anchovies and lots of Parmesan cheese.

Their advertisement stayed they have “world famous” fish tacos. I ordered the beer battered taco. It was a generous portion, crispy fish and tasty cabbage!

As I was finishing off my taco, several bowls of steaming hot ciopino passed by my table. And since it’s my last large meal of 2017 I could resist and of course I ordered one!

Steamy bowl of Italian fish stew full of: shrimp, crab, green mussels, clams, white fish, and I think a little bit of lobster with a side of garlic bread to help sop up the stew! It was tangy with just enough spice to keep my mouth watering. The fish was well cooked and tender! I definitely suggest this dosh as a last meal… or it can always be your first!

A must try… the ambiance and people watching is incredibly entertaining!

Happy New Year! And may you have plenty of amazing meals in 2018! 👠<<<<<<<

2 Responses to “Last Meal for 2017 @ Shanghai Reds Palm Springs”

  1. Byron Valle

    Everything looks delicious, I guess that I need to try it the next year, for sure
    Happy new year!


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