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Are You Living Your Dream?

It’s been 2 years since I’ve stepped out of the matrix and started to live my dream?!

Wait…. I’ve always lived my “DREAM!”

I’ve always done what I wanted to do … gone to the schools I wanted to go to, date who I wanted to date, fall in love with who ever I wanted to fall in love with, marry who I wanted to marry, divorce who I wanted to divorce, get heart broken, survive and become what I wanted to become!

But, something funny happened at the end of those dreams… I kind of never felt satisfied!

It was like I woke up and said… “that’s it? There’s got to be more?” And many times those around me said: “Nope, that’s it! There’s no more!”

Of course they were and many still are asleep to the infinite potentials and possibilities that can happen in life. Yeah, I know people get lazy! And hey… there’s so much Netflix and sports to keep us from looking past what we are truly capable of achieving… so why try?

I remember a few years ago, I was teaching at a private university ( yeah,that was one of my dreams, to teach at a university!). A female student in class had a continuous flat affect. Her shoulders were slumped, she never smiled and always looked at the floor.

One day during a one on one counseling session I asked her: “What’s wrong with you? You act like you don’t want to be here! Do you know how many students would kill for your seat?”

She then of course started to cry and said: ” You’re right I don’t want to be here… this wasn’t my dream! This was my mom’s dream! I’m really an artist!”

Of course I felt terrible and handed her tissue ! Apparently she had just graduated from a prestigious art school… that was her dream! But, everyone around her told her she could never achieve anything in art! So, she followed her “mother’s” dream and enrolled in nursing school!

On another session, she showed me her art portfolio. She was truly a gifted artist! We worked out a way she could mesh her art skills with nursing. She ended up illustrating all her poster presentations! Best stroke teaching project poster I ever saw!

From then on, I never saw her coming to class with her shoulders hunched over, she smiled and was happy!

And yes, I even tried a “corporate” job! I always wanted to work in the pharmaceutical world : drive a free car, with free gas, wear cheap suits bought at Ross, be flexible with my time, and travel for work!

I learned a lot ! The free car and gas were great perks, but in the process, my soul was sucked out of me by the mind controlled robots I worked with!

I learned you were only suppose to memorize a “script” and spit out information. You weren’t suppose to think or question the “establishment !”

Well, I questioned the establishment continuously, and found myself in “pharmaceutical jail!” Not really jail but suspension of sorts! But, whatever, sure ok you want to sell an oral antiplatet drug for $350, even though the generic is $10! But hey, our drug was 1% better than the generic! Don’t you want to spend the extra cash for the 1% chance to live a healthier? Not really… I’d rather eat fries and take my chances!

The pharmaceutical industry is very much like a cult. You either drink to cool aide, or become shunned for your views! They even served “purple punch” at one of our events! I kid you not!

That job ended 2 years ago!

And since then I made a pact to myself never to work, be friends with, or date closed minded people!

The journey of living my dream has been amazing!

I’m a blogger, freelance writer, storytelling producer, teacher, podcast producer, host, CEO, consultant, and for fun I’m still a Peds NP!

Much like the energizer bunny… I’m still creating…! My dreams are not over…. yet!

6 Responses to “Are You Living Your Dream?”

  1. Aghasi Byan

    Such a good story. That’s right, we should never enter the “comfort zone”, as it stops us from chasing our dreams and goals. Awesome!

  2. Byron Valle

    At this point of my life I guess that I ain’t found my dream, maybe is located at other site.


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