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Dating: It’s Out Of Control ! #100DaysOfSummer 

In a recent FB forum a female placed this picture. It’s a flyer that was found at a Starbucks in Los Feliz, California. Apparently, it was made by a disgruntled “male” dater who has a YouTube channel. 

The “male” species that made this seems to be having dating issues in Cali. He states: “California women hate men!” 

This flyer is wrong in many directions but let’s analyze:

#1. He is making a generalized statement with NO data to support it. 

  • I’m a native Californian. I was born in Los Angeles. China Town to be exact! And I can say with my whole heart, ❤️ I love the male species! Many of my female friends some native and some non do as well.

Perhaps he’s been on a few bad dates… hey haven’t we all? It’s how the world works lately… social media, dating apps and Disney fairytales in general have destroyed the dating scene. Plenty of research out there to support this claim.
#2 Was this guys dating game better in another state? 

  • Where is this guy from? The moon? What was his dating game like? Did he have one true love from high school that broke his heart and married a woman… oops sorry don’t mean to project! Is dating actually better in other states? 

#3 Apparently he’s into codependent women and not independent ones.

  • More power to you! If you want to pay for every single meal, cocktail, and over priced movie be my guest! 
  • Yes … you are free to open my car door because both of my arms are broken and I’m an invalid. 

#4 He doesn’t do coffee dates after 7pm

  • I don’t blame him! Neither do I! But I did and often do get asked on coffee dates at 930pm. See, if the guy is in my area working, teaching a class or doing standup comedy… in order to “fit me in” he thinks a late evening coffee date is appropriate in his manufactured reality. Unfortunately … it’s not in mine. But I don’t make flyers and post them at Starbucks… I’m a bit more passive aggressive … I just delete that person! And write a blog. 
  •  He doesn’t have time + I don’t have time = Bye bye! 

Overall dating, meeting people and connecting these days is incredibly difficult. People have trillions of things going on… like binge watching Netflix !  And you may not know their whole story. 

If someone rejects you, sets a boundary, or just is not that into you, accept it and move on. Eventually if you work on yourself something better is sure to come along! 

Keep up the good fight my single peeps! Stop playing dirty posting childish fliers! 




2 Responses to “Dating: It’s Out Of Control ! #100DaysOfSummer ”

  1. Byron Valle

    … And that’s why I quit looking for a date here in California LOL!!!


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