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Chef’s Bar B Que Los Angeles #100DaysOfSummer 

When you get invited to a Chefs Bar B Que, you don’t say No! Especially if the host is the Executive Chef Allison Trent of WeHo’s Laurel Hardware… you definitely don’t say NO! 

The scene: A Bungalow. A Bar BQue. And of course a French DJay Spinning tunes, all in the middle of a beautiful organic garden oasis in LA LA Land! 

Very Los Angeles Indeed! With a plethora of laungages and cultures swirling in the air: Australian, French, Italian and there were also some Canadians present too. 

Much like the surroundings the food was an artistic creation quickly devoured by everyone in attendance. 

Plates of Charcuterie, tomahawk steak, chicken, portobello mushrooms adorned the table.

Let’s not forget the shrimp … after all Allie is Australian! 

Dessert…. yes the best for last! 

Berry Berry quite contrary cobbler… with buttery crisp crust that was oh so addicting! Of course the pastry chef came straight out of Napa Valley’ s French Laundry! And yes … it was amazing… almost better than sex! 

Cheers to summer And eclectic BarBQues in LALA Land! 

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