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Leo’s Tacos : Late Nights in LALA Land #100DaysOfSummer

Date Night. Late Night. What to do after an evening in the DTLA Arts District sipping whisky and contemplating the world? 

“Head over to Leo’s Tacos.” That’s what the bouncer at the bar said.

My date and I headed to Glendale Blvd. in the heart of Echo Park.

Greeted by many other late night Los Angelenos. There’s nothing  like having tacos from Leo’s at 2:30am. An adventure indeed.

I had the al pastor Tacos topped with pineapple and a Mexican coke.

There was a generous side of salsas… and my Mexican date warned me about the “habaneros’!

But hey… if I could tolerate a date with him.. I could tolerate a habanero! Extra spicey… an eclectic taco stand iconic of LALA land! 

It’s always interesting to watch people wash their cars at 2:30am ( there’s a car wash that’s open 24 hrs next to the taco stand) while you enjoy a tasty taco and a few kisses 💋! 

If you are ever out on the town in the wee hours of the morning, Leo’s Tacos is a must! A great way to end a date! 

Cheers! 🌮 

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