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Po Boys & Ladies Night: Burbank #100DaysOfSummer

Po Boys & Ladies Night Out: on the last Friday of every month, Burbank celebrates the “Ladies!”

Food Trucks align Magnolia. This time around I taste tested the “Raggin Cajun” Po Boy Sandwich with a side of Pralinrs and cream Swamp Soda.

Lots of great Cajun sauces to choose from. And even a taste tester of the wash board special soup that had some kind of sausage chicken and corn. Spicey indeed. 

The Po Boys were extra crispy, tangy, and of course yum! 

It’s always fun walking up and down Magnolia. The shop windows were all sporting a summer vintage theme. Ultra cool! 

The hot pants were interesting… No I didn’t buy any in case you were wondering! But for $5 bucks… maybe next time! 
Loved the Edgar Allen Poe adorned by “The Shinning” Twins.


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