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Men; They Don’t Make Them Like They Use Too #100DaysOfSummer 

I haven’t had a boyfriend in 5 years. I went through college single. All 4 years, single. They just don’t make guys like they use too…

– 22 Year Old Beautiful Female Blonde


I concur with the above statement. At times I wish I could teleport myself back to the 90’s, when men were not afraid of women. They were not afraid to approach them. They were not afraid to ask them for their number. And of course they were not afraid to ask them out on a date. 

In the 90’s it seemed like all my friends were dating exclusively. Everyone had a boyfriend or girlfriend. People dated exclusively and weren’t afraid of that word: “commitment!” 

Dating was about having fun with your partner and not just about having sex. People waited. Got to know each other aka known as courting. 

Nowadays… dating is “meh.” 

The internet has destroyed the “magic.” 

Guys ( I don’t know wether to call them men or boys… guys seems like a neutral term) don’t know how to ask a woman out. I get numerous text messages from online “guys” which sound something like this: When are we getting together? 

Putting the question and the decisions in my court. What ever happened to: Hey you seem cool would you like to go out with me and grab a drink? 

The former, in my opinion, is a safety net of sorts against rejection. 

Newsflash: rejection is a part of life.

As my former salsa partner would say:

If I ask a woman to dance and she rejects me, that’s ok. Eventually, there will be a woman who accepts my invitation to dance. Once that original woman sees me dancing, she’ll be begging to dance with me. Of course, I do ask her a second, and maybe even a third time… eventually she’ll dance with me!

Personally I’ve started to correct men on the proper way to ask me out. Not let’s hang out. Not when are we getting drink?….but simply would you like to go out with me?

Good Luck!

And Cheers!👠

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