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The Men’s Romper: Friend Or Foe #100DaysOfSummer

It’s all the rage… The Men’s Romper has decided to make a killer comeback and is blowing up on social media.

Originally known in the 1970’s as the “Jumpsuit,” the Men’s Romper is the 2017 Summer Men’s fashion trend. I was just in Palm Springs and my friend Mathew alerted me to the “hot” trend.

“It’s all the rage. My boyfriend tried it on and it was super cute!” He said. 

Let it be known that this trend is nothing new. Sean Connery made it look oh so sexy in one of his James Bond Films.

And I’m sure plenty of women flocked to their sewing machines making them for their husbands or boy toys. Matching, and even one for their child.  

“People keep coming in and saying that their fathers aka “Daddies” wore them in the 1970’s.”  

– SalesGuys @MrTurk 

It’s looks cute and trendy on the mannequin.

And the sales guy was nice enough to let me take his picture … and strike some poses. 

The Romper at Mr. Turk boasts a hefty price tag at $356.00. But hey, if trends have taught you anything it’s worth the investment … it’s sure to make a comeback in another 40 years! 

I say the male Romper is a “friend” and I’m excited to see this flashback style around the resorts this summer 2017! 

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3 Responses to “The Men’s Romper: Friend Or Foe #100DaysOfSummer”

  1. Carol Birkememier

    fyi: It’s not super cute. It is exact replica of the gym suit that I had to wear in the 7th grade in 1962. Wasn’t attractive on young girls then and it is not attractive on men now.


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