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Khaftan Nation #100DaysOfSummer

If the men’s Romper is in style this summer… then it’s only reasonable that it’s sister: The Khaftan is as well.   

Yes, that flowy concealing colorful frock that was hot in the 1970s, well it’s all the rage this summer.

NPR claims that the Silver Lake Hipsters are getting rid of their lumber jack plaid and going for the more feminine khaftan. They are also turning into Shamans.

What is a khaftan you ask ? Where did it come from? Definitely not Silver Lake. 

And if you grew up watching 3s Company in the 70’s they you know Mrs Roper was avante garde garde. 

And modern day Beverly Hills Housewives Kyle Richards who is always chastised for her Khaftan style. Well Lisa Vanderpump can eat her words… it’s a trend! Ha! 

 They are comfy and ultra feminine. 

My cousin from France loaned me this Khaftan frock for my Italian cousins wedding in Puglia Italy this past September due to British Air loosing my luggage for 12 days. Khaftan s were big in Europe last year… and of course it seems we are always a year behind in fashion. It was perfect for the pugliese countryside wedding. 

The Roberto Cavallini has some ultra chic bohemian styles and oh look… it’s on sale! 

Trina Turk in Palm Springs has several styles on the racks. 

This one is my favorite and I’ll be purchasing it on my next trip. 

Well…. me thinks this is a fashion “friend” for summer… I can’t wait to get my Khaftan in and hit the desert!

Cheers! 🌞 

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