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A Psychoanalyst And Hypnotherapist Go Out On A Date


Repeat after me

My current situation

Is not my final destination

Recently, at a baby shower I struck up a conversation with a Psychotherapist. I always love to talk to psychotherapists at parties. I try to pick their brains about whatever catastrophe is hitting my life at the moment. And of course the conversation focussed on dating.

“I went out on a date with a hypnotherapist. I met him on, and we had coffee. The strangest thing happened, his hand was on the table and I felt inclined to put mine on top of his, so I did. He then said he hypnotized me to do that!”

Mary recounted her coffee date story to me over gluten free fried chicken and asparagus and some kind of delicious salad.

“That was so out of character for me!” she added chomping down on her chicken.

This time around, I was giving the dating advice. I was fascinated when “Mary” told me how old she was: “83!” And she looked amazing! Beautiful skin and retro silver sneakers.

Mary confessed that her date was a few years younger. She was a bit embarrassed, but I encouraged her: yeah you should go younger, you’re on the right track!

I urged her to continue ¬†recounting her story. “So what else happened?” I asked as made myself a mimosa.

” We’re now fighting about who’s going to cook dinner? And at whose house it’s going to be at? He says he lives with two other men, and they have one house rule: No Women Allowed!” she stated as she slammed her hands on the table. “I think he’s married, what do you think?” she added.

“Well you’re the psychoanalyst, you should know!”I interjected.


Ah dating! It should get easier as you get older. People are more mature and know what they want. Games should go by the wayside. Apparently they don’t! And the He-Man -Woman Haters Club tends to never grow up.

This is not the first time I’ve heard of an older individual talk about their dating horror stories. My friend Shauna who is 62 recently told me the story of her last dating tragedy:

I was dating this guy. He was nice. Good looking. He was fit. He liked to run marathons like me. He had a boat, and he would take me sailing. We had fun together. Then one day, we were at the yacht club and someone asked him: Is this the same ONE from last time?

Shauna stated the look on his face told the story. She stopped seeing him. Sure people need options, but come on!

Dating is frustrating at any age. It’s nerve racking. You are trying to connect with someone who may be disconnected. In that case, abort the mission.

Especially, when someone is hypnotizing you into holding hands.


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