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Burgers Palm Springs @Tylers

Cheat day. Burger Day. And since I’m still in Palm Springs I decided to splurge on my fav Tyler’s Burgers.

Yes indeed it comfort food. Especially the bacon cheddar burger.

You can have it Susan Sommers style = no bun. I’m having quite a strange experience lately, everywhere in PS I’ve been eating lately… there’s some type of Susan Sommers special. It’s kind of like that documentary I watched last week “The Bill Murray” experience… only with Susan Sommers and food.

It’s been a grand cheat day… and as soon as my shin splint heals I’m back to sweat cycle and swimming 2 miles a week along with detoxing!

 Hey bikini season is around the corner after all!

Well…. now I’m on some crazy quest to actually run into Susan Sommer’s and ask her why she has to have food named after her… a challenge indeed!


Cheers! 🍔

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