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Full Moon Drumming @ Ace Hotel Palm Springs 

Who doesn’t love a full moon! April 10-11 brings a beautiful bountiful full moon in libra ( for all the astrology buffs) even though there are 4… yes that’s right 4 planets in retrograde. 

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs celebrates the full moon with a monthly drum circle.

It’s an amazing time to get your congas out and dance under the full moons energy shaking your hips to the rhythm awakening that kundalini magic.

I’m an avid dancer, having studied belly dance, salsa, and now hip hop. If I’m ever feeling blocked creatively all it takes is some “hip action” to open up that 2nd chakra, the key to creativity.

An icon I grew up admiring was Sheila E… therefore I ❤️to beat on a drumany time I get the chance.

If you find yourself in Palm Springs on a full moon, shimmy on down to the Ace Hotel drum circle … an experience not to be missed!


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