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Mod Cafe Palm Springs

There’s a new cafe in Palm Springs…and it’s Mod!

Mod Cafe’s grand opening party was this past Saturday.

It’s an organic cafe boasting super healthy epicurean delights that are sure to make you live till you are well in your 200’s.

While waiting for my latest pedi mani, I picked up a “health” related issue of the ‘New Yorker.” A particular article on ‘longevity’ peaked my interests. A scientist was giving a lecture at some starlit’s home in the Hollywood Hills. Goldie Hawn was present and she asked about the mitochondria and what vitamins would make it last longer. The scientist replied: “Just Eat Healthy!”

And that’s what you can get at Mod Cafe.

Especially with this green smoothie. It’s called “The Susan Sommer’s Smoothie.” Susan Sommers played Chrissy Snow in the 1970’s hit ‘Three’s Company.” She played the ‘dumb blond’ who turned into a diet longevity guru. She also invented the thigh master. 

This smoothie is yummy indeed with greens, banana, sprulina, and bits of Susan Sommers ground in ( The Susan Sommers part is a joke… I hope). I could feel my mitochondria regenerating with every sip… and yes it’s tasty… and he’ll if bits of ground up SS is gonna make me healthy… then touché!

They have an abundance of vegan sandwiches s well! One of my fav’s: the Buddha. 

They also have grass fed burgers for you meat lovers out there! And I loved the tuna on a pita.

And you can’t have a grand opening in PS with out Drag Queens!

Or a paparazzo!

Check out Mod Cafe’s super healthy clean eats sure to make you live well until you are 200! But if you die.. at least the food is tasty!


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