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Desert X: Mirage & Alive

I’m a stalker. And recently I was stalking an aquatance on IG. Intrigued I noticed on Sunday he posted a picture of himself at Desert X’s art installation : Mirage. 

Immediately I googled how to get there. 

Google said I must first pick up this map to the 15 or so Desert X art installations at the Ace Hotel. That’s where my journey began.

But from my Desert home I could see this sparkly object shining in the sandy landscape. 

I wondered what it was. It’s #5 on the Desert X art installation Mirage by Doug Aitken.

A house of mirrors that sits splat in the middle of the San Jacinto Mountains, off of Highway 111 and up Raquet club. 

It’s a place only Narcisis himself could love. Although, the house lacks a kitchen, bathrooms and closets with lots of room for shoes , it does have a spectacular view.

By accident and since Trina Turk was closed, I found Jeffrey Gibson’s Alive located at the PS museum. 

Breath taking at sunset.

Desert X runs through the end of April 2017. Several art exhibits all along 45 miles of the enchanting desert. Check it out on your way to Coachella.


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